Get an instant glow with our ALL-IN-ONE Serum Infused Roller

With a simple push of a button and glide of the roller, our amazing serum simultaneously flows and infuses into your skin for healthier, smoother and younger-looking skin.

Treat Your Skin Today!

FINALLY, an at-home skincare solution that works (without expensive salon prices)

We are a team of passionate skin activists dedicated to skin rejuvenation. Our simple, easy-to-use micro needling infused roller enriches your skin and reveals your natural beauty.
Unlike ordinary derma rollers, our all-in-one skin roller has a ginseng serum bottle infused into the roller making your skin care routine convenient but most importantly effective!

Our fine 0.25 millimeter needles gently glide over your skin creating micro punctures, while our gorgeous ginseng serum flows into your skin simultaneously. This ultimate addition to your beauty regime only takes minutes to do and produces significant improvement to the look and feel of your skin. With a simple glide, you can have healthier, tighter, firmer hydrated looking skin.

We focus on your skin from the inside out. Join us on our skin rejuvenation journey today.

Since I've been using the roller my dry skin has drastically improved and feels more hydrated and I've also noticed my fine lines reduce. A happy customer

- Laura Freeman Verified Buyer

As someone who has acne scars I was a bit dubious when I first tried the roller as I've tried other solutions and been disappointed, but after a few weeks rolling my scars are reducing 

- James Shaw Verified Buyer

Wow I wasn't expecting my skin to feel so tight after just one session!  

- Vivienne Aktar Verified Buyer



ESR All-in-One Serum Infused Roller VS. Other Products

Help your skin care work smarter

Elite Skin ESR Roller

  • Serum bottle infused - ready to rejuvenate!
  • No hidden extras - all-in-one roller!
  • Results in as little as one session.
  • Non-invasive and gentle against skin. 
  • ​0.25 millimeter needles increases penetration and maximises serum

Other Products

  • Roller without serum = less effective results! 
  • ​Waste time hunting for the perfect serum  
  • ​Bleeding, swelling, breakouts and deep trauma to skin tissue. 
  • Longer needles increase the risk of scarring and infections
  • Painful and can leave sore redness that can last a few days

The Magic Ingredients

Get Your Glow On At Home While Getting These Benefits...

Skin Texture

Micro punctures combined with serum infusion will encourage effective skin cell turnover - this will lighten pigmentation and the collagen and elastin will fill your fine lines and wrinkles.

Scar Improvement Including Acne

Along with stimulating new collagen and elastin, new capillaries will also be formed when micron eedling. This leads to the reduction of scars including acne scars.

Minimise Pores

The production of collagen in the microneedling process helps to create the appearance of smaller pores while tightening your skin.

Elasticity Improvement

Our roller will create micro punctures into your skin which will stimulate elastin production. This will help tighten the skin, giving it a younger, firmer feel..

See the ESR Roller in Action

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